Provincial actions to control and reduce illegal trade of natural resources in the Province of Equateur, DRC

During the recent IES mission in the province of Equateur, on November 2008, one of the findings was the willingness of the provincial authorities (Provincial Ministries of Environment, Mines and Energy) to take appropriate steps to control, reduce and stop the present illegal trade of natural resources to neighboring Congo Brazzaville. At the same time, Global Witness pointed out the fact that ?the absence of meaningful controls, legal ambiguity and lack of standardised practices leave the sector in anarchy and provide fertile ground for abuse and fraud?. The traders, including the end-user nations, benefit from the lack of state authority in this part of DRC as well as from the state?s porous border (the river Congo) with the neighbor Congo Brazzaville. 

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Author(s)Patrice Yamba T. Kantu
PublisherInstitute for Environmental Security
Place publishedBrussels
Date / Journal Vol No.December 2009



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