Reinforcing Environmental Dimensions of European Foreign and Security Policy

This paper outlines the environmental dimension of the European security policy and security-related foreign policy and discusses how the integration of environmental concerns into this policy framework could – and should – be improved to support the delivery of the 2030 Sustainability Agenda, both in the EU and globally.

Acknowledging the role environment and ecosystems play in underpinning security – both in terms of national and human security – means a departure from the security and defence policy as traditionally perceived. It requires a more holistic regime that goes beyond military preparedness or response, with due links to a range of sectoral activities that impact the environmental and ecosystem quality and resilience.

Author(s)Marianne Kettunen (IEEP), Dominique Noome (Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change – GMACCC) and Johanna Nyman (IEEP)
Publisher(s)Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union, IEEP, Brussels Dialogue on Climate Democracy, Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change
Place PublishedBrussels, Belgium
Date / Journal Vol. No.January 2019

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