Mining, Forest Change and Conflict in the Kivus

This document aims to present a basis for action within South Eastern Europe (SEE) and within the Tisza River Basin (TRB) towards the development of corporate practice, regulatory frameworks, governance guidelines and/or financial and insurance markets suitable for the support of a modern mining industry.

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Author(s)Philip Peck, et al.
PublisherThe Environment Security Initiative of UNEP, UNDP, OSCE, NATO
Place publishedGeneva
Date / Journal Vol No.2005



3 - ES and peace building (Environmental cooperation for peace building such as through peace parks, river basin management initiatives and cooperation over degraded and environmentally-stressed resources in conflict-prone and conflict-affected zones)
5 - ES risk and needs assessment and management 


BUS Business / Industry
FIN Finance and Investment
MIN Mining / Minerals
RIV Rivers / Inland Waterways
WAS Wastes