Climate Change, Security and Sustainable Development

This is the report of the IES conference on the impact of climate change on international security and sustainable development, "From Bali to Poznan: New Issues, New Challenges", held at the European Parliament on 18 Dec 2007.

This conference included briefings on the results of the UN Climate Change Conference held in Bali, 3-14 December 2007 and discussed issues of concern to the international community in the lead up to the next UNCCC in Poznan, 1-12 December 2008.

In particular, the Brussels conference included presentations and debate on:
- The implications of climate change for international security
- Escaping from fossil fuels: The solar alternative
- The impact on environment, security and development of illegal trade in natural resources
- Climate Change and the formation of European foreign policy

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Author(s)Nicolas Frankcom (Civitatis International)
PublisherInstitute for Environmental Security
Place publishedThe Hague
Date / Journal Vol No.March 2008
Pages64 pages


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1 - ES and foreign and security policy (Mainstreaming environmental factors into foreign and security policy including energy and food security, and security related to other resources such as land, water, living marine resources, terrestrial biodiversity)
2 - ES and development cooperation (Mainstreaming conflict prevention and livelihood protection into development cooperation especially in conflict prone and conflict affected countries, for example, through payment of ecological services and equitable benefit-sharing mechanisms)
3 - ES and peace building (Environmental cooperation for peace building such as through peace parks, river basin management initiatives and cooperation over degraded and environmentally-stressed resources in conflict-prone and conflict-affected zones)


CLI Climate
ENE Energy
NRE New and Renewable Energy