Rethinking our Relationship with Nature

The Hague, 19 April 2020

The renowned primatologist Jane Goodall was interviewed (in English) on the Dutch TV programme Buitenhof on 19 April. Speaking about the Corona health crisis, she said it is a disaster that mankind has brought upon itself. 

She said that "This all ties in with climate change, the destruction of the forests, and the pollution of the land. It's all interconnected ... and I just pray and hope that we emerge from this pandemic - as we will, we always do - as better, wiser people". 

Looking beyond the current crisis she added that “The best outcome is that we turn the corner and move towards a more rational way of living and reduce our over consumption, try to alleviate poverty and, above all, respect each other, respect nature, and respect the animals. If we do that it will be a better world”.