Dare To Be Great: Unlock Your Power to Create a Better World

By Polly Higgins with Foreword by Marianne Williamson / Afterwords by Dame Jane Goodall and Michael Mansfield QC, The History Press Ltd, 14 April 2020

Review by Shirleen Chin, IES Senior Legal Advisor

The Hague, 14 April 2020

The depth one goes when reading this book is akin to a guided journey into discovering one's deepest conscience. More importantly, a conscience that is rooted in ecological awareness and our human relationship with Earth. Having known Polly, it feels almost as if this book was written by premonition; her days were numbered from the time she wrote the first edition in 2014 but yet she imparts an eternal wisdom that is to be her legacy: the campaign to make ecocide an internationally recognised crime. Take a journey through specks of Polly's life and uncover your own potential to make heartfelt decisions about your time on Earth, how to give back to her and join others who are already using their greatness to catalyse change in a planetary system on overdrive and at the brink of irreversible collapse.

Dare To Be Great explores how anyone can open pathways for themselves and for our society as a whole to become truly great. Polly Higgins was a luminary in the fight for environmental justice and a beacon for how we can all live the brave, bold lives we imagine. This book is a call to arms for the changing world in which we live - a world that needs our greatness now more than ever.

A short related video - Can you imagine...? - was released by Stop Ecocide International on 3 April 2020. 

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