Climate Change & Security at Copenhagen - II: The Contribution of the Global Security Community to Success

The year 2009 is a defining moment for the issues of climate change & security. The negotiations at Copenhagen will be crucial in the struggle to contain damage from climate change. These negotiations take place against the background of a complex and rapidly changing international situation. On 7-8 October, the IES and its partners met in Brussels to discuss the state of play less than three months before the UNCCC COP15 in Copenhagen.

On 7 October, the participants discussed the state of Atlantic relations in 2009 and the role of the new American Administration in the lead up to Copenhagen. On 8 October, the participants focused on the security dimensions of climate change illustrated by the glacial melt in the Hindu Kush / Himalayas / Tibetan Plateau. IES Chairman Wouter Veening along with Air Marshal AK Singh of India also highlighted the launch of the Climate Change & the Military Project in New Delhi on 15 September 2009. The Conference ended on a panel discussion where speakers were invited to formulate recommendations on what needs to be done in the lead up to Copenhagen, and beyond.

The Conference was organised by the Institute for Environmental Security in partnership with the Aspen Institute, Brookings, the Environmental Change and Security Programme (ECSP) of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, IUCN - International Union for the Conservation of Nature, CNA, Presidential Climate Action Project and the Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE Europe and GLOBE EU). The event is part of the IES Programme on Climate Change and International Security (CCIS).

Material and Presentations

Conference Programme

 - Climate Change & the Military: The State of the Debate (pdf) - Prepared for the IES Military Advisory Council chaired by Air Marshal AK Singh

- Marc Baltes - The Security Dimensions of Climate Change:Beyond the UN Secretary General’s Report (pdf)

- MG Kees Homan RNLMC (Ret) - Climate Change and Military Support to Civilian Authorities (pdf)

- Karen Laino - Climate Change and Security at Copenhagen - From a NATO Perspective (pdf)

- Nick Mabey - Climate Change and Security - Building a Joint Agenda for Action (ppt)

- Maj Gen Muniruzzaman (Ret) - Glacial Melt in the Hindu Kush / Himalayas / Tibetan Plateau: A Case Study in Geopolitics and Environmental Security (ppt)

- Air Marshal AK Singh (Ret) - The 'Climate Change and the Military Project, 2009-2010' (ppt)

- Maj Gen Joseph G Singh (Ret) - The Security Implications of Climate Change: With Particular Reference to the Caribbean and South America (ppt)

- Tom Spencer - Glacial Melt at the Third Pole: A Study in Environmental Security & Geopolitics (ppt)


Summary Report

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