7th Meeting of The Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security

Climate Risks and Resilience – Highlighting Initiatives to Face Common Challenges

Washington, D.C., 24 April 2018

The 7th meeting of The Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security highlighted international initiatives on climate adaptation and  water resources,  with  focus  on  risks  to  stability,  conflict,  food  security  and  sustainable development.This special meeting outside of the Netherlands featured an interactive session with a Dutch UN Security Council representative, as well as views on climate impacts that affect military forces globally, including their capacity for humanitarian missions. A screening and discussion of the documentary“Tidewater,” on sea level rise,coastal military installations and communities, followed Roundtable discussions and networking lunch.

This meeting was co-organized by Matt Luna, Roundtable creator, Shiloh  Fetzek  of  the Center  for  Climate  & Security, and  Dr. Marcus King of the GW Elliott School. 

Russell  Shorto, author and specialist on Dutch-American history and relations, acted as moderator. Rear Admiral   Ann   Phillips (USN-Ret.) led the screening  and discussion  of  “Tidewater.” Special recognition goes to Heleen Bakker,  Deputy  Head of  Mission  at the  Embassy  of the   Netherlands for support and organizational input.

The Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security is an independent forum to promote international cooperation in adapting to climate risks to human well-being, sustainable development, peace and political stability. Created in 2015, participants from representatives of governments and organizations share information and strategies in adaptation regarding water resources, natural disasters, sea level rise, migration, potential conflict and stability of fragile states.