6th Meeting of The Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security

Cooperation  in  adapting  to  impacts  of climate  change related  to water  and migration  on  regional stability

The Hague, 21 September 2017

Representatives from 20  countries  and  15 organizations came  together  for a half-day  meeting  to  discuss cooperation  in  adapting  to  impacts  of  climate change related  to water  and  migration  on  regional stability. Some 60 participants shared concerns and ideas on issues including too much water (flooding and sea level rise), too little water (droughts with rising temperatures), and the political and logistical factors surrounding resulting migration. Water diplomacy and new water technology were discussed as ways to lower the potential of conflict –both national and international –and to increase cooperation over changing natural resources.

The    importance    of   water resources   to   security   at   a global level was examined in the    context    of    the    UN Security Council,with emphasis on regional cooperation to reduce threats to stability.“Climate impacts have changed everything and it’s  increasingly  crucial  to connect scientific researchers and  policy  makers,”  said Alexander  Verbeek,  who  led a  brainstorming  session  on responding to climate crises.

The Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security is an independent forum to promote international cooperation in adapting to climate risks to human well-being, sustainable development, peace and political stability. Created in 2015, participants from representatives of governments and organizations share information and strategies in adaptation regarding water resources, natural disasters, sea level rise, migration, potential conflict and stability of fragile states.