Pathfinder – Illegal Trade in Natural Resources

The 'Pathfinder' Project

'Pathfinder' aims at finding ways of restricting the trade of illegally extracted natural resources in conflict-ridden fragile states. To achieve this, Pathfinder focuses on importing states and promotes the creation of new legal mechanisms which importing and transit states could use to restrict illegally obtained natural resources from entering their national markets and thereby to 'dry up' funds that are used by armed groups to finance conflict.  

More information: » Pathfinder Programme - 2010 Objectives - 2010 Conference 

» Report of the Conference 'Illegal Trade in Natural Resources - What can Brussels do?

Resource Trade Network

The 'Resource Trade Network' initiative follows the conference "Illegal Trade in Natural Resources - What can Brussels do?" which was organised by the Institute for Environmental Security and a coalition of several civil society organisations on 29-30 September 2010 in Brussels.

Participants to the conference expressed interest in continuing information exchange about ongoing activities, publication of new reports and event alerts related to the topic of illegal trade in natural resources. Visit the RTN page and get a direct access to the newest information related to illegal trade in natural resources!

» Direct Access to RTN