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'Vision' has a new image

A complete remodelling for IES web-GIS tool on Environment and Security
9 July 2008

'Vision' has a new image - ImageThe July 2008 version of 'Vision' combines a new image with a more user friendly interface. With 'Vision', both Internet Explorer and Firefox users can directly access online maps and illuminating data, partly based on original remote sensing data.

Users such as decision makers, natural resource managers, and researchers can utilise 'Vision' as a tool to access and analyse mapping and monitoring information in their planning process and to inform decision. Meanwhile the public around the globe can utilise 'Vision', as an important tool for increasing awareness among all relevant stakeholders on the issues in these important eco-regions. As the data presented in this tool is regularly updated, it enables local, national and international organisations to take early action whenever violations of environmental law and treaties occur. Therefore 'Vision' can contribute to the maintenance of security, which is under pressure as a result of ecosystem deterioration.

This web-GIS tool currently focuses on the 3 study areas that are part of the IES programme Environmental Security for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) that is carried out with a grant of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These areas are:
- Central Kalimantan, on the Indonesian part of Borneo
- The Matav?n region in Colombia; also part of the greater Guyana Shield region.
- The transboundary region between Rwanda, Uganda and the DR Congo, in the heart of the African Great Lakes region.

The IES has recently started a fourth case study in the Congo Basin. The related Web-GIS interface will be added during the course of this year.

More information on Vision | Kalimantan, Indonesia | Great Lakes region, Africa | Matav?n, Colombia

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