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New ESPA Report: 'Charcoal in the Mist'

An Overview of Environmental Security Issues and Initiatives in the Central Albertine Rift
1 July 2008

New ESPA Report: 'Charcoal in the Mist' - Image?Charcoal in the Mist? shows how large population densities and increasing food and energy needs have resulted in a continuously growing demand for land and firewood, as well as an increasingly attractive charcoal industry - especially around Virunga National Park in the DR Congo. In a region already characterised by violent conflicts and large numbers of displaced people, the resulting environmental effects (forest degradation, declining wildlife, soil erosion, over-fishing and water pollution) pose even greater dangers to the survival of man and nature.

This report also tries to give an overview of current activities by many (inter)national organisations, in the field of mapping and monitoring, diplomacy and law, finance and economics, empowerment and training, nature conservation and eco-tourism. Further, by making specific recommendations on "the way forward", this report aims to inspire people and organisations, in order to strengthen environmental protection, enhance security and promote sustainable development in the Central Albertine Rift.

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