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Congo Basin Forest Fund is Launched

13 June 2008

CBFF LogoThe Congo Basin Forest Fund, to be launched in London on 17 June 2008, will support innovative proposals to make the forest worth more as a living resource than it would be cut down.

The CBFF is a multi donor fund set up to take early action to protect the forests in the Congo Basin region. It will support transformative and innovative proposals which will develop the capacity of the people and institutions of the Congo Basin to enable them to manage their forests; help local communities find livelihoods that are consistent with the conservation of forests; and reduce the rate of deforestation.

Organisations will be invited to submit proposals for transformative and innovative initiatives to slow down deforestation and fight poverty in the region. This includes helping local communities find livelihoods that are consistent with forest conservation and developing innovative and transformative approaches to sustainable forest management.

The fund will provide a source of accessible funding, and encourage governments, civil society, NGOs and the private sector to work together. The CBFF is initially being financed by a grant of ?100 million from the British and Norwegian Governments.

The Fund will support activities which complement particular aspects of the COMIFAC (Central Africa Forests Commission) Convergence Plan.

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