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The Arctic: Mirror of Life ? Religion, Science & the Environment

Religion, Science & the Environment Symposium VII, 6-12 September 2007
12 September 2007

The Arctic: Mirror of Life ? Religion, Science & the Environment  - ImageSince 1995, the Religion, Science & the Environment movement has convened six symposia to study the fate of the world?s main bodies of water - the sacred element for most religions ? which cover seven-tenths of the earth?s surface. The 2007 symposium, from 6 to 13 September 2007 in Greenland was called: ?The Arctic: Mirror of Life?. The event was convened by His All Holiness the Patriarch of Constantinople and included visits to areas in the Arctic where the impact of melting ice is already visible.

Tom Spencer, Vice Chairman of the IES, delivered a speech entitled ?Biofuels: The Public Affairs of Folly?, in which he points out that lobby pressure often leads to bad choices. He illustrated this statement with the example of biofuels, an alternative to fossil fuels supported in the EU and the US that is often produced in an unsustainable way. Mr. Spencer then drew attention to the pivotal role that is played by the United States, China and India as major producers and consumers of fossil fuels and devoted the last part of his speech to the potential of renewable energy. Special attention was paid to the scarcely known potential of Concentrated Solar Power technology.

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