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Climate Negotiations - Europe can show how change can be achieved

Report of Conference 'From Bali to Poznan - New Issues New Challenges' Now Available!
18 December 2007

FBTP Poster"The Bali climate talks have failed to deliver the tangible results so many craved. However, even the weariest pessimist would have to acknowledge the significant step that the Bali talks made, demonstrated by the agreement to hold global negotiations over the next two years leading to Copenhagen in 2009. In this context, Europe can show how change can be achieved. While it is currently not a major player, Europe still has a vital role to play as a torch-bearer, if not yet a consolidated political leader. Such vision is required now more than ever as Europe is hosting two COPs in succession, providing Europe with a special opportunity to demonstrate leadership".

These findings are among the key recommendations in the newly issued Report of the Conference ?From Bali to Poznan ? New Issues, New Challenges? organised in December 2007 by the Institute for Environmental Security in cooperation with Globe Europe, Globe EU and e-Parliament. The Report is now available for download at

The conference included a number of participants who had taken part in, and just returned from Bali, members of the European Parliament, members of national parliaments, as well as experts from the European Council, European Commission, and European Social and Economic Committee, EU Member States and other governments, the US military, UNDP, OSCE, CFSP, businesses, the Club of Rome and other prominent NGOs, think-tanks, and academic and research bodies. In all, over 100 experts took part, including 28 speakers, and another eighty persons expressed interest in being informed of the results and about follow-up activities.

The conference began with an overview of the events at Bali, followed by an examination of technological solutions, most notably solar power, to global energy requirements. An overview of the security implications of climate change was given along with a discussion of the foreign policy implications of the links between environment, security and sustainable development. The summation of the conference was provided by a panel of distinguished rapporteurs and closing speakers and included suggestions for the way forward to Poznan for Europe and the world. The principal points raised in the discussions are reflected in this report.

The Report contains a summary of the discussions, the conference programme, a list of participants, pictures, a list of speakers, biographies and many other features. It is downloadable for free and must be seen as a background tool for policy-makers containing concrete proposals and suggestions for the forthcoming UNCCC COP 14 which is to be held in Poznan in December 2008.

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