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UN High-Level Meeting on Climate Change

27 September 2007

UN High-Level Meeting on Climate Change - ImageDuring the informal high level meeting on climate change in New York on September 24 Secretary General Ban Ki Moon urged the heads of state to work on an effective successor of the Kyoto Protocol, which expires at the end of 2012.

He stated that there is no more doubt about the reality of global warming. While most delegates agreed and voiced the need for an effective post-2012 regime, this requires of course the full participation of the United States. In this respect it had to be observed that President George W. Bush chose only to attend the dinner and not to speak at the conference.

In a UN press release Ban Ki Moon nevertheless displays a positive view on the results of the meeting. He states that ?..we succeeded beyond our expectations.? And that ?.. I sensed something remarkable happening, something transformative - a sea-change, whereby leaders showed themselves willing to put aside blame for the past and to pose to themselves more forward-looking questions.?

An important side-event took place when on the initiative of the Indonesian President the joint Statement of Tropical Rainforest Countries? Leaders was adopted in which these countries expressed a strong plea for positive incentives and early action to conserve their forests to be honoured at the Conference of the Parties of the Climate Change Convention in December in Bali.

Press Article by Ban Ki Moon | the High-Level Meeting on the UN Website

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