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Environment and Conflict

Evaluating and strengthening the means of interdisciplinary cooperation
20 September 2007

Environment and Conflict - ImageGMOSS and BICC co-organized a seminar on 18 ? 20 Sept, 2007 in Bonn, Germany on Environment and Conflict: Evaluating and strengthening the means of interdisciplinary cooperation.

The seminar aimed for the improvement of timely, effective and reliable scenario development, for the creation and enhancement of early warning mechanisms and for better conflict prevention through interdisciplinary cooperation between GIS and Remote Sensing experts and social and political scientists.

The IES participated in the conference as the IES Environmental Security Assessment Methodology also aims for integration of earth observation technology with socio-political and natural resource management aspects. The development of opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation to improve policy practices was the major objective of this workshop.

BICC ? Bonn International Center for Conversion | Report by IES Representative Jeanna Hyde Hecker | The conference announcement and GMOSS site

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