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Environment, Security and the International Agenda

Linking Environment, Development, Stability and Security Conference, Athens 2007
16 June 2007

Environment, Security and the International Agenda - ImageAt the conference on ?Linking Environment, Development, Security and Stability? held in Athens on 15 June 2007, Wouter Veening, chairman of the Institute for Environmental Security, delivered the key note address.

In his speech, Mr. Veening pointed at the evolution of the security concept from (hard) military security to a concept that also includes human and environmental security. This point, that environmental security is not all that different from military security and certainly not less important, was illustrated by the observations that climate change is ?a high probability/high consequence scenario? whereas a nuclear strike scenario in the cold war was (only) low probability/high consequence.

Mr. Veening identified the drivers behind environmental security problems such as population and consumption growth and stressed the importance of the establishment of financial mechanisms to control these drivers.

Mr. Veening concluded that environmental security will increasingly dominate international relations and that ?Technological innovation, but especially public awareness and willingness to change life-styles are essential underlying conditions for the politicians, diplomats, the military and economic leaders who shape these (international) relations, to act effectively.?

The conference, that was held at the ?Electra Palace Hotel? in Athens, was organised by the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) and the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage.

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