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Climate and Forests: The Case for Action Now

The Institute for Environmental Security advocates for allowing avoided deforestation to qualify for carbon credits.
21 November 2006

Event LogoDuring a side event at the UNFCCC COP-12 in Nairobi, organised by the Institute for Environmental Security on Wednesday 15th November, Dr Antonio Donato Nobre, of Brazil's National Institute of Amazonian Research, discussed research that reveals an extraordinary ?green ocean? in the Amazon, that conditions rainfall and climate much beyond any former scientific expectation.

Recent unpublished climate simulation studies conducted in Brazil and the USA reveal that the proper functioning of this green ocean is a key in keeping part of South America that lies beyond the borders of the Amazon sufficiently wet. Deforestation disrupts the cycle by weakening the Amazonian evaporation which is the main driver of the whole process. This has several damaging effects on the climate in the Atlantic.

The Institute for Environmental Security is devoted to a campaign launched in Nairobi to allow avoided deforestation to qualify for carbon credits. Speakers from the co-organisers, GLOBE and INECE, stressed what needs to be done to ensure that such a step can have real impact rapidly. Background papers and presentations from the event can be found at the IES website:

Climate and Forest: The Case for Action Now | UNFCCC, Nairobi

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