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Building Climate Change Institutions: The Case of Environment and Security

European Parliament, Brussels
21 March 2012

himalayan_glacierOn 21 March 2012, the Centre for European Studies (CES) and the Institute for Environmental Security (IES) will organise a conference on "Building Climate Change Institutions: The Case of Environment and Security".

The debate about climate change has lost focus. In recent years it has become too abstract, too technical and too political. It has turned into a discussion for experts on negotiations, rather than a matter of life and death for everyone and their children.

There is good news as well as bad. If we add to our work in limiting CO2 and the greenhouse gasses a determined effort to deal with the so-called Short Lived Climate Forcers (SLCFs - black carbon, tropospheric ozone and methane), we may be able to buy ten years in which to keep our warming planet beneath the 2? Centigrade target we have all adopted, as suggested in a recent UNEP report.

In announcing the conference, IES Vice-Chair, Tom Spencer said that ?For too long the relationship between climate change and security has been an orphan debate, hovering on the fringe of the climate negotiations. We believe that it now fully deserves its own institutions, both formal and informal. These need to be put in place by 2015 to meet the timetable set in Durban. This will only happen if Europe, with its record of leadership in climate change, pushes for a new burst of creative institution building?.

The conference on 21st March is being organised in advance of the UK government conference in London on ?A climate and resource security dialogue for the 21st Century? - 22-23 March - and our conference will also provide an opportunity for you and other experts to provide input to the 2012 Security Jam - the online debate organised by the EU, NATO and several leading think-tanks from 19th to 23rd March bringing together thousands of participants from around the world to find concrete solutions to global security issues.

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