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Good deal bad deal

Report of the Conference 'Illegal Trade in Natural Resources - What can Brussels do?'
17 November 2010

Good deal bad deal - ImageAfter the success of the conference 'Illegal Trade in Natural Resources - What can Brussels do?' which was held on 30 September 2010, the Institute for Environmental Security (IES) is pleased to announce the release of the conference report titled ?Good deal bad deal?.

Starting from an attempt to define the concept of illegality and the analysis of the politics and economics of illegal trade, the report confronts various existing remedies - legal and voluntary initiatives - and tries to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The report also seeks to understand what earth observation technologies can offer to improve the global monitoring of natural resources extraction. Lastly, the report proposes a compilation of recommendations formulated by the speakers as possible answers to the question ?What can Brussels do??

The report tries to reflect the day-long conference in the manner in which it unfolded, compiling the presentations and discussions of a wide panel of eminent speakers from the UN and EU institutions, the academic community, international NGOs and the private sector.

The IES hopes that the report, together with the establishment of the online Facebook Community Page - Resource Trade Network (RTN) - will help inspire future debate and policy action in this area which is crucial to the prospects for environmental security, sustainable development and peace.

Download the report | Conference webpage

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