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Security and the Environment

New publication by IES Fellow Rita Floyd reflects on US environmental security policy
21 July 2010

Security and the Environment - ImageIES Fellow Rita Floyd publishes a new book on environmental security with Cambridge University Press. Security and the Environment: Securitisation Theory and US Environmental Security Policy traces United States? environmental security policy over time from its early beginnings in 1993 when the first Clinton administration declared environmental security a national security issue, to the end of the Bush administrations in 2009, when environmental security had vanished from the US government?s agenda.

Floyd uses this changing US environmental security policy to revise the Copenhagen school?s influential ?securitisation theory?, so that this theory allows the analyst to gain insights into the intentions of securitising actors. This revision reveals surprising findings regarding the intentions of key actors behind the Clinton day US environmental security policy; findings that are relevant especially also in the context of today?s push for ?climate security?.

Floyd?s concludes her analysis with a moral evaluation of different types of environmental security (national, human and ecological) offering a useful guide to theorists and practitioners alike.

Drawing on original interviews with former key players in United States environmental security, "Security and the Environment" is a significant and original contribution to environmental security studies and security studies more generally. The book will be of interest to international relations scholars and political practitioners concerned with security, as well as students of international environmental politics and US policy-making.

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