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Delivering Climate Security: What the Security Community needs from a global climate regime

IES taking part in COP 15 Side Event
17 December 2009

Delivering Climate Security: What the Security Community needs from a global climate regime - ImageOn 17 December, the IES took part in a side event organised jointly with E3G, Chatham House and the Energy and Security Initiative of Brookings. The panel, involving leading climate security experts, sought to explore the impacts of climate change on national security and how the global climate regime can address this threat.

In recent years, the scientific community has expressed growing concerns over the security implications of climate change and its major long-term planetary environmental consequences. However, these possibilities are no longer a fear for the distant future.

Speaking at a side event on Climate Change and International Security organised by the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Maj Gen (ret) Muniruzzaman, member of the CCTM Military Advisory Council, explained that, ?Climate change is not just a threat multiplier, but also a threat generator.?

Maj Gen Muniruzzaman was asked to express his opinion on this issue with specific examples from the Bangladeshi perspective. Phenomena like rise of the sea level, loss of agricultural land, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and soil erosion will fashion massive changes to Bangladesh?s natural environment. Millions of people will progressively lose their livelihoods and will be forced to flee their country. Migrants are expected to move across the Indian border, with the risk of triggering tensions over land. Unless these questions are properly addressed, these tensions could degenerate into regional and international conflicts.

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