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Private International Regulation and Public Supervision

World Legal Forum conference - 7 and 8 December 2009
18 November 2009

Private International Regulation and Public Supervision - ImageIn the spirit of the previous two fora a Conference on ?Private International Regulation and Public Supervision? will be held this year on 7 and 8 December, in the Peace Palace, in The Hague.

The opening day of the Conference will focus on the discourse between public and private actors regarding the questions when, where and what kind of public supervision on private international regulation is desirable.

The seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility will cover the issue of international regulation of private business conduct in the fields of human rights and environment. Participants will try to come to a conclusion whether corporate social responsibility can be ?hardened? into concrete international standards that will establish criteria for responsibility of private companies. Furthermore, this seminar will discuss the prospects of an international dispute resolution mechanism for business and human rights.

Speakers in this seminar include:
Mr. Jan Eijsbouts (former AkzoNobel), Mr. John F. Sherman (Harvard University), Mr. Claes Cronstedt (former Baker & McKenzie), Mr. Cees van Dam (King's College London), Ms Elaine Dorward-King (Rio Tinto), Mr. Thomas Heller (Stanford Law School), Mrs Birgit Spie?hofer (Hengeler Mueller), Ms Caroline Rees (Advisor to Mr. John Ruggie), Ms Meg Taylor (World Bank Group), Mr. Martijn Scheltema (Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn)

The parallel seminar on New International Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in the Financial Markets will focus on aspects of international financial regulation and harmonisation of contracts. Furthermore, the seminar will try to answer the question regarding possible types and procedural aspects of an international financial dispute resolution body. Participants will be involved in a discussion on the necessity of establishing these new instruments.

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