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Climate Change Summit eggs world leaders on for a victorious COP 15

Aiming for prosperity, security and equity
23 September 2009

courtesy google images On 22 September when 100 world leaders united together at the the Summit on Climate Change ? a summit which materialised owing to the personal initiative of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, what was loud and clear was ?Success in Copenhagen?.

In the Secretary General?s own words, ?The Copenhagen Conference(...)can catalyse a global economy based on low-emissions growth that can strengthen sustainable development and lift billions out of poverty,? adding that success at that meeting would have positive ripple effects for global cooperation on trade, energy, security and health.

For, when Mr. Ban Ki-Moon speaks of a future which can hope for low emissions, assisting the poorest and the most vulnerable of the world in buffering themselves from the negative impacts of climate change, tapping into greater technological and financial resources and establishing an equitable governance structure he is also pointing at climate security, economic security and political security. Given that these challenges are so closely intertwined; unless they all are tackled there is no hope for a long-term fruitful solution.

At the Summit, the Secretary General called climate change the pre-eminent geopolitical and economic issue of the twenty-first century. He emphasized that the world?s glaciers were now ?melting faster than human progress to protect them ?- and us.? Instead of demanding concessions from others, he urged asking how to contribute to the greater good. A successful agreement he stated would mean more prosperity, security and equity.

UN Press Release | Article by Justin Mundy | UN Resources | BBC Article

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