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The Hague Environmental Law Facility

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28 August 2009

The Hague Environmental Law Facility - ImageThe Hague - The Institute for Environmental Security announces the publication of a new report produced in cooperation with the T.M.C. Asser Institute. The study which investigates the usefulness and necessity of a facility in the the field of environmental law in The Hague results in the proposition of ?The Hague Environmental Law Facility?.

The facility would have two main functions: an advisory function with regards to facilitating access to justice by directing parties to the appropriate dispute resolution mechanism, and an auxiliary training function aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of civil servants, diplomats and negotiators on issues of implementation, enforcement and compliance.

It is hoped that the Facility will raise awareness on challenges of international environmental law, enhance its effectiveness and play a constructive role in educating negotiators and civil servants to the correct implementation and enforcement of existing and future international, regional and national environmental law.

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