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Two African schemes win Green Energy Awards

17 June 2009

Two African schemes win Green Energy Awards - ImageThe Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy 2009 were assigned to two African shemes. The winners are the Solar Energy Foundation, working in the Ethiopian highlands, and Ugandan company Kampala Jellitone Suppliers.

Ethiopia: the Solar Energy Foundation wins the Ashden Award for electrification of rural areas, through setting up the biggest solar energy programme in Ethiopia. Over 2,000 small solar systems were installed in two villages that are off the electricity grid and a further 8,500 units are due to be installed elsewhere in the country by the end of the year. SEF provides not just technology, but also maintenance and a financial structure that means each household can have its own solar-home-system.

Uganda: Kampala Jellitone Suppliers wins The Ashden International Award for Avoided Deforestation, for producing non-char biomass briquettes made from agricultural waste. 130 tonnes of briquettes sold every month reduce deforestation and save about 6.1 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of briquettes used. The judges commended KJS ?for transforming unwanted agricultural waste into a sustainable energy source.? The company is currently selling the briquettes to 31 schools, universities and hospitals for cooking, and to five factories for producing heat.

Five other international Ashden Awards were also assigned at the Ceremony on 11 June.

Overview of all the Ashden Awards Winners 2009

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