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GA deeply concerned with security implications of climate change

Major UN organs are encouraged to intensify efforts to address the challenge
4 June 2009

GA deeply concerned with security implications of climate change - ImageDeeply concerned about the possible security implications of climate change, the United Nations General Assembly, on 3 June 2009, has invited the major organs of the United Nations, including the Security Council, to intensify their efforts to address the challenge, as appropriate and within their respective mandates.

Unanimously adopting a draft resolution on follow-up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit and titled ?Climate change and its possible security implications? (document A/63/L.8/Rev.1), the Assembly also requested the Secretary-General to submit to its next session a comprehensive report on those implications, based on the views of Member States and regional and international organisations.

Following the Assembly?s adoption of the resolution, the representatives of many small island developing States took the floor to underscore the dire nature of the threats that climate change posed to their nations, including the Marshall Islands, Palau, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Samoa and the Maldives.

It was raised that all United Nations organs, most particularly the Security Council, must act urgently. Under Chapter VI of the Charter, the Council may investigate any dispute or situation that might lead to international friction or give rise to a dispute. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions must be the focus, and the goal must be effective, enforceable action to that end.

Palau?s representative said: ?We do not carelessly call climate change a security threat. When we are told by scientists to prepare for humanitarian crisis, including exodus, in our lifetimes, how can it be different from preparing for a threat like war??

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