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"Risks of climate-induced migration apply to both industrialized and developing countries"

Athens, 18-20 May 2009
20 May 2009

IES Fellow Chad Briggs attended the OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum in Athens, Greece, from May 18-20 ( The Athens meeting concluded the 17th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum on Migration, and builds on the recommendations and findings of two preparatory conferences and the first part of the Forum, which took place in Vienna in January. The forum, held at the Grand Langonissi Resort outside Athens, attracted 300 participants from OSCE delegations and international organizations such as the World Bank and United Nations.

The environmental migration panel included EU Commissioner Stavros Dimas, IOM Head of International Dialogue Philippe Boncour, human rights lawyer Prof Michelle Leighton, and Dr. Briggs. Chad?s presentation [attached] highlighted the risks of abrupt environmental change to vulnerable populations in the OSCE region, emphasizing that risks of climate-induced migration apply to both industrialized and developing countries. Briggs, also a Senior Advisor to the US Department of Energy, emphasized the need for greater collaboration in assessing future risks and increasing adaptive capacity of communities, arguing that the OSCE can play a unique role in the collective security issues that migration illustrates.

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