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Biomass Briquettes in North Kivu

20 April 2009

Biomass briquettes are a temporary solution to the rural energy and environmental problems in and around the Virunga National ParkThe IES is very pleased to announce that the Dutch government will kindly support the training, production and marketing of non-woody biomass-briquettes in North Kivu, DR Congo.

Through the ?Daey Ouwens Fund for Small Scale Renewable Energy?, the Netherlands? Ministry of Foreign Affairs will facilitate the implementation of this biomass briquette project, carried out by the Africa Conservation Fund.

Biomass briquettes are made from the likes of leaves, grass, coffee husks, sawdust, and scrap paper. They are pressed into briquettes using simple wood presses that can be made anywhere with a minimal amount of tools.

As biomass briquettes are a low-tech alternative to the production of charcoal, this project not only helps to reduce poverty and create local employment in this war-torn region, but also helps to slow down deforestation in the Virunga National Park. The 18 month ?Virunga non-woody biomass briquette project?, to which the IES has contributed through analyses and advisory services, has started in May 2009.

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