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Barroso to pledge for environmental security

A letter to the next President of the USA
24 September 2008

Barroso to pledge for environmental security - ImageIn a speech to the next President of the United States, held at Harvard University on 24 September, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso praised the emergence of a more "outward-looking and engaged transatlantic partnership" in the fields of "peace and security".

"Many of the challenges thrown up by globalisation can be seen to have security implications. The expansion of the world population, heightened competition for food and raw materials, and desertification are acting as crisis accelerators that may well result in pressure for mass migration. Then there are the public health challenges, pandemics, AIDS, malaria and TB, and the rise of new diseases, or drug-resistant forms of well-known diseases, for example."

"These are aspects of security in the broadest sense: environmental security, food security, health security. Then there is security, period. Reflecting on security in a narrow sense - being able to live in peace and freedom, safe from any threat - the picture continues to be mixed."

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