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Can the Military help combat Climate Change?

Role of the security sector is theme of IES Roundtable at World Conservation Congress
6 October 2008

Wouter Veening - Photo by G. Dabelko?The input of the security sector is indispensable for finding the balance? between mitigation and adaptation efforts to combat climate change, said Wouter Veening, co-founder and chairman of the Institute for Environmental Security, based in The Hague, Netherlands. Veening was the first among many speakers in a linked set of panels entitled ?Environment and Security Challenges for Change? at the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona.

?We need the scenario type of thinking that the security community is so skilled at doing?the integrated thinking that we in the environmental movement need to learn,? said Veening. He pointed out not everyone may think the security sector is the right source for insight on environmental problems, but he suggested listening to the security community?s insights before judging their utility. Veening focused on the larger context of climate change and security and the 2009 climate negotiations in Copenhagen at this standing-room only session, which included Thai, Ecuadorian, and Bangladeshi military officers.

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