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The Challenge to Repower America

100 percent carbon-free electricity within 10 years
17 July 2008

The Challenge to Repower America - ImageOn July 17 2008, Nobel laureate and former Vice President Al Gore challenged America to produce 100% of its electricity ?from renewable energy and truly carbon-free sources within 10 years? in a speech held in support of the We Campaign. The We Campaign is a project of "The Alliance for Climate Protection", a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort founded by Al Gore with the aim of educating the people to the urgency and solvability of the climate crisis.

During his speech, Gore condemned America?s ?over reliance on carbon-based fuels", which he said, "is at the core of all three economic, environmental and national security challenges?. ?We are borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the planet. Every bit of that has to change?, he insisted.

Gore praised America to take a new start, calling it at ?generational moment when we decide our own path and our collective faith?. ?It is time for us to move beyond empty rethoric, we need to act now?, he concluded.

More information on the We Campaign | Watch Al Gore\'s speech

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