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Interview with General Ghazi on how reality replaces ideology & climate security risk

Water seen as biggest issues in South Asia
17 December 2019

Climate and Security- emerging trends and adaptive strategies

IES Co-organised event at COP-25
28 November 2019


Report published on water and security meeting

The Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security focuses on water
12 June 2017

Exploring potential for change in the†Horn of Africa

IES publishes briefing in Planetary Security Initiative
6 June 2017

Future Force Conference Features GMACCC Chairman

General highlights risks of a changing climate to global security
14 February 2017


Planetary Security Conference highlights solutions to climate risks

Representatives from nearly 50 countries work together in The Hague
22 December 2016

Global experts and governments convene to confront climate change security risks

Planetary Security Conference is held in The Hague
6 December 2016

GMACCC South Asia Paper Presented At Hague Roundtable

15 countries attend IES meeting initiative on climate and security
26 October 2016

GMACCC publishes "Climate Change & Security in South Asia: Cooperating for Peace"

Maintaining Security in South Asia in the face of climate change requires urgent cooperation
30 May 2016

The Hague Roundtable on Climate and Security meets at Embassy of Germany

IES organises third meeting
29 April 2016

IES organises final environmental crime conference

2 March 2016


GMACCC Call For Action Presented At COP 21 Paris

The document calls for more integration of the military as a stakeholder in climate risk planning and response
15 December 2015

Second Meeting held of "The Hague Roundtable on Climate and Security"

French Embassy hosts event organised by IES
14 October 2015

EFFACE Workshop Hosted by Europol

IES organises meeting on EU harmonisation in fighting environmental crime
10 September 2015

Climate and Security Action is Focus at U.S. Embassy Event

5 June 2015


'Climate Change & Security In Africa' Paper Published By GMACCC

Links between climate patterns and conflict
15 December 2014

EFFACE Project Publishes Policy Briefs

Focus is on criminal justice system and organised environmental crime
11 November 2014

New Briefing Highlights Climate Threats To Peace And Security

Climate Change: Implications for Defence (
5 June 2014

Sochi 2014 Olympics Games "Legacy" Examined at HELF Lecture

Time to Take the Olympic Charter Seriously
16 May 2014

The Right to a Healthy Environment Discussed at HELF Lecture

The Role of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee, the ECHR and the CJEU
2 May 2014

Professor Steven Freeland is Guest Speaker at HELF

Expert Addresses Crimes against the Environment under the Rome Statute
23 April 2014

Website Launched for GMACCC

See activities and members of the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change
28 March 2014

HELF's Inaugural Lecture held on 4 April

Whaling in the Antarctic: Observations on the ICJ Judgment in the Case Australia v. Japan
19 March 2014


GMACCC Meets on Climate Change and Security

25 September 2013

IES Workshop looks at Judicial and Policy Aspects of Using Satellite Imagery

The Hague, 7 May 2013
7 May 2013

Citizen Campaign to End Ecocide in Europe

IES supports European Citizenís Initiative launched at European Parliament
22 January 2013


SYMIN Website Launched

Using Earth Observation for Verification of Mining Activities
9 November 2012

Climate & Security Envoys

New Developments in Climate Change and Security
6 November 2012

NATO workshop focuses on energy and environmental risks facing the Alliance

Brussels, 17 Sep 2012
28 October 2012

Small scale mining, environmental protection and law

Remote sensing can help!
24 September 2012

Scientists, policy makers and security experts see hope for effective short-term action on climate change

26 March 2012

Building Climate Change Institutions: The Case of Environment and Security

European Parliament, Brussels
21 March 2012


Recent Trends in EU External Action in the Fields of Climate, Environment, Development and Security

IES Report for the European Space Agency
12 December 2011

HUGO: Hague Utilities for Global Organisations

IES Report Presents Model for Corporate Social Responsibility Grievance Mechanisms
31 October 2011

The Health and Security Perspectives of Climate Change - How to secure our future wellbeing

17 October 2011

Protection of the Environment in Armed Conflict: Testing the Adequacy of International Law

17 October 2011

Climate Diplomacy in Perspective: From Early Warning to Early Action

11 October 2011

Project launched to develop local solutions for future challenges in the Guiana Shield Region, South America

11 October 2011

ENVSEC links environment and security

Environment and Security Partners Meeting
5 October 2011

Symposium "Climate Change, Water Stress, Conflict and Migration"

21 September 2011

UK Minister says failure at Durban would be severe blow to the climate change project but also to multilateralism

15 September 2011

Climate change: Threat to international peace and security

11 August 2011

The Decline of U.S. Earth Monitoring Capabilities

Policy Brief from the Center for New American Security
1 August 2011

UN Security Council Debates Climate Change and Security

20 July 2011

European Council conclusions on EU Climate Diplomacy

3106th Foreign Affairs Council meeting
18 July 2011

Climate Change and the Role of the Military

4 July 2011

OSCE Chairmanship workshop discusses confidence-building role of economic and environmental activities

1 June 2011

Minorities and Natural Resources

21 April 2011

Potentially catastrophic climate impacts on food production over the long-term

Food security merits greater space in the climate change agenda
31 March 2011

Africa, Climate Change, Environment and Security Briefing

8 Apr 2011 - Brussels
16 March 2011

Security establishment not adequately prepared to deal with environmental concerns

US Student Reporters Find
10 January 2011


The Arctic Calling

Workshop ?Europe?s Arctic Course - The Future of Space Cooperation in the Arctic Region' 8 December 2010, European Space Agency, Paris
14 December 2010

Global Megatrends and Environmental Security

8 December 2010

UN-EU Partnership on Natural Resources, Conflict and Peacebuilding

22 November 2010

Experts on Environmental Security in a t?te-?-t?te

ENVSEC-IES Workshop on Environmental Security Assessments
22 November 2010

Good deal bad deal

Report of the Conference 'Illegal Trade in Natural Resources - What can Brussels do?'
17 November 2010

Clean the Niger Delta

?Standing before history? - Ken Saro-Wiwa 1995
28 October 2010

EU urged to focus in-depth on Illegal Trade in Natural Resources

11 October 2010

The Africa, Climate Change, Environment and Security (ACCES) Dialogue Process and Forum

The negative impacts of climate change on security in Africa as focus of an international forum
11 October 2010

'Can do' rather than 'Cancun'

IES shares with MEPs new ideas on the contribution European Union can make ahead of Cancun
23 September 2010

'Illegal Trade in Natural Resources. What can Brussels do?'

A two-day event in Brussels to debate on this issue and on the role played by the European Union
21 July 2010

Security and the Environment

New publication by IES Fellow Rita Floyd reflects on US environmental security policy
21 July 2010

Water and Human Security in Central-South Asia

IES fellow Michael Renner speaks about the issue of access to water in south Asia
20 July 2010

Experts Debate on Illegal E-Waste Trade Around the Globe

IES takes part in debate on e-waste exports and dumping
7 June 2010

Climate Change and Social Order - Evolution or Revolution

Students and personalities define specific action lines addressing sustainable solutions for global challenge
7 June 2010

Environmental Security and Neglected Tropical Diseases in Africa

IES Fellow Chad Briggs co-author of a report on environmental security
7 June 2010

The Global Security Implications of Climate Change

70 specialists meet at the European Commission to discuss the threats associated with climate change
31 May 2010

IES Interactive Map on DRC now on-line

10 May 2010

Emergency Aid and Ecosystems

28 April 2010

The Hague Environmental Law Facility

Experts debate on Satellite Monitoring for Environmental Law Enforcement
21 April 2010

Climate Change & Development in South-East Asia

IES participates in roundtable at the European Parliament
16 April 2010

IES takes part in the debate on current legal issues for satellite earth observation

European Space Policy Institute, 8-9 April 2010, Vienna
9 April 2010

New trade measures present challenges for timber markets in the UNECE region

UNECE/FAO and WTO Workshop, 23 March 2010, Geneva
24 March 2010

Climate and Conflict: a Double Disaster for the Poorest People

A special approach for fragile states
15 January 2010


Delivering Climate Security: What the Security Community needs from a global climate regime

IES taking part in COP 15 Side Event
17 December 2009

New studies stress urgency of environmental security danger from Glacial Melt at the Third Pole

Three new studies have confirmed both the reality and the potential for disaster of Glacial Melt in the Himalayas, Hindu Kush and Tibetan Plateau
16 December 2009

Climate Change Issues in the Third Pole

MEP and diplomats bring Himalayan Glaciers to the forefront.
8 December 2009

The Hague Environmental Law Facility

2 December 2009

China to reduce carbon intensity by up to 45% by 2020

Climate change increasingly seen as a threat to security
27 November 2009

Private International Regulation and Public Supervision

World Legal Forum conference - 7 and 8 December 2009
18 November 2009

Fuel for Securing Ecosystems and Livelihoods

13 November 2009

Tackling Resource Challenges in the 21st Century: Avoiding Worst Case Scenarios

Chatham House, 10 November 2009, London
10 November 2009

Briefing: Climate Change will Affect Security, even in the North

EJC Seminar for Journalists, 4-6 November 2009, Brussels
6 November 2009

Military Experts from Five Continents warn of Impact of Climate Change on Security

Joint statement calls for ambitious and equitable international agreement on climate
29 October 2009

Swedish EU Presidency Organises Conference on Environment Climate Chanage and Security

21 October 2009

We Need to Wake up and Wake up in Time

CCSC - II Conference brings together climate experts and security community
9 October 2009

Not a drop to spare

The Kenyan Mau forest and drought linkage
30 September 2009

Climate Change Summit eggs world leaders on for a victorious COP 15

Aiming for prosperity, security and equity
23 September 2009

Climate Change and Security at Copenhagen - II

Brussels, 7-8 October 2009
15 September 2009

The Hague Environmental Law Facility

New IES Publication
28 August 2009

Climate Change Seen as Threat to U.S. Security

By John M. Broder - New York Times
8 August 2009

Climate Change a Threat to National Security Say Senators

31 July 2009

Environmental Security Course

Sources of Conflict and Prospects for Peacemaking
29 July 2009

Prince Charles: First Secure the Environment

Maintenance of the world's eco-systems directly linked to the economic well-being of nations
8 July 2009

IGAD Executive Secretary visits the Institute

17 June 2009

GA deeply concerned with security implications of climate change

Major UN organs are encouraged to intensify efforts to address the challenge
4 June 2009

Climate Change responsible for 300,000 deaths a year

First ever report exclusively focused on the global human impact of climate change
29 May 2009

"Risks of climate-induced migration apply to both industrialized and developing countries"

Athens, 18-20 May 2009
20 May 2009

Energy & Environmental Risks: Defining Security and Vulnerability

Washington, D.C., 27-28 April 2009
29 April 2009

Biomass Briquettes in North Kivu

20 April 2009

Global Policy Coherence Project Launched

Washington, D.C., 18 March 2009
24 March 2009

Environment & Security: Challenges for Change

Barcelona Roundtable Workshop Report Now Available!
18 February 2009

Planet2025 Voices Now Online!

A blog by Steven Lovink, IES Representative, Washington D.C.
26 January 2009

IES Advises on Central Kalimantan Peatland Project

15 January 2009


Swedish Seminar Focuses on Environment and Security in Crisis Situations

Chad Briggs speaks on long-range vulnerability assessments in post-conflict region
26 November 2008

Stemming Illegal Logging and Timber Trade

An Overview of the European Union FLEGT Action Plan
20 November 2008

A Green New Deal

Joined-up policies to solve the triple crunch of the credit crisis, climate change and high oil prices
19 October 2008

Can the Military help combat Climate Change?

Role of the security sector is theme of IES Roundtable at World Conservation Congress
6 October 2008

The Importance of Military Organizations in Protecting the Climate: 2008

Paris, France, 3 - 5 November 2008
25 September 2008

Clingendael Workshop on "Environment & Conflict Prevention"

The Hague, 6 October 2008
24 September 2008

Barroso to pledge for environmental security

A letter to the next President of the USA
24 September 2008

Trade, Finance and Climate in 2009

IES Representative in New York, Harris Gleckman, says "A reporting system that addresses the trade, monetary and climate side of it must be established"
15 September 2008

The Challenge to Repower America

100 percent carbon-free electricity within 10 years
17 July 2008

Book Launch: Globalization and Environmental Challenges

Reconceptualizing Security in the 21st Century
14 July 2008

'Vision' has a new image

A complete remodelling for IES web-GIS tool on Environment and Security
9 July 2008

New ESPA Report: 'Charcoal in the Mist'

An Overview of Environmental Security Issues and Initiatives in the Central Albertine Rift
1 July 2008

The Climate Quad: Geopolitics, Tactics and Quick Hits

Major Powers Re-assessing their Foreign and Climate Policies
18 June 2008

Congo Basin Forest Fund is Launched

13 June 2008

New DRC Project Coordinator Appointed

Introducing Patrice Yamba T. Kantu
12 June 2008

Book Launch: Globalization and Environmental Challenges

6 June 2008

Chad Briggs leads LSE Seminar on Environment and Security

Presentation focused on Environmental Systems and Social Resilience / Vulnerability
5 June 2008

Improving local tourism benefits in Rwanda

30 May 2008

Peace Palace Reception in honor of former Mayor Deetman

The Hague, City of Peace, Justice and Security, also in the field of the environment
15 May 2008

FOI-IES Symposium

The Geopolitics of Climate Change
23 April 2008

Solana Sounds Alarm over Climate Change Threats

European Commission warns for resource conflicts, environmental refugees, water shortages and floods
13 March 2008

New BICC Database Service

Natural Resource Wealth and Conflict
12 March 2008

NATO Security Science Forum on Environmental Security

12 March 2008

Converting Carbon into Things People Need

Washington International Renewable Energy Conference
7 March 2008

Launch of Transboundary Conservation Programme

Protection of mountain gorillas brings African countries together
20 February 2008


Climate Negotiations - Europe can show how change can be achieved

Report of Conference 'From Bali to Poznan - New Issues New Challenges' Now Available!
18 December 2007

The Madrid Declaration on Environment and Security and the Decision on Water Management

Environmental Security at the 15th OSCE Ministerial Council in Madrid, 29 and 30 November 2007
30 November 2007

UN panel projects grim global future because of climate change

18 November 2007

Guiana Shield Initiative - Phase II officially launched

5 October 2007

Long Beach Solar Power Conference

28 September 2007

Constitutional Right to a Healthy Environment

What Difference Does it Make to Give Environmental Protection Constitutional Status?
28 September 2007

UN High-Level Meeting on Climate Change

27 September 2007

Environment and Conflict

Evaluating and strengthening the means of interdisciplinary cooperation
20 September 2007

The Arctic: Mirror of Life ? Religion, Science & the Environment

Religion, Science & the Environment Symposium VII, 6-12 September 2007
12 September 2007

Environment, Security and the International Agenda

Linking Environment, Development, Stability and Security Conference, Athens 2007
16 June 2007

UN Security Council debates impact of climate change on peace and security

17 April 2007

Military Panel: Climate Change Threatens U.S. National Security

16 April 2007

Peace and Sustainability Session

Forces for Sustainability, 14-15 March 2007
15 March 2007

Global Challenge, Global Climate Solidarity

Climate Change and Vulnerability Conference, 13-14 February 2007
15 February 2007


Conference on Greening Foreign and Security Policy

The Role of Europe, 6-7 December 2006
8 December 2006

Climate and Forests: The Case for Action Now

The Institute for Environmental Security advocates for allowing avoided deforestation to qualify for carbon credits.
21 November 2006

Inventory of Environment and Security Policies and Practices

An Overview of Strategies and Initiatives of Selected Governments, International Organisations and Inter-Governmental Organisations
24 October 2006

Report on the Lebanon Oil Spill Rapid Assessment / Response Mission

Study to be supplemented by chapter on ?Options for Legal Actions in International Law?
18 October 2006

Planet2025 News Network

IES is a partner in launch of new internet news service
24 July 2006

Security, Development and Forest Conflict

A Forum for Action
10 February 2006


'Vision' Interactive GIS Interface

30 October 2005

Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation Platform Launched

New Clearing House set up by Adelphi Research and Germanwatch
18 October 2005

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Report

Experts say that attention to ecosystem services is needed to achieve global development goals
30 April 2005

UNITAR Launches Capacity Building Programme for Parliamentarians on Sustainable Development

Key issues include Climate Change and Energy, Trade and Water
25 April 2005

Redefining Global Security

IES Co-organises Symposia on the State of the World 2005
1 March 2005

International community can reduce conflict and crises worldwide

but only if countries agree to invest in prevention, says new UK Government report
17 February 2005

Progress on Kalimantan

IES is instrumental in leveraging funds to prevent fires and illegal logging
15 January 2005


Risk Management for the 21st Century

The Eco-Insurance Initiative at a glance
25 November 2004

Environmental Experts of Dutch Embassies Consider Environment / Conflict Link

IES Chairman Serves as Roving Reporter
6 October 2004

Europe: A Global Partner for Sustainable Development?

Assessing the External Dimensions of the European Sustainable Development Strategy
5 October 2004

Environment, Development and Sustainable Peace: Finding Paths to Environmental Peacemaking

IES takes part in Wilton Park conference
19 September 2004

Reconceptualising Security in an Era of Globalisation

IES Hosts Gathering of AFES-PRESS
8 September 2004

Briefing Indonesian Diplomats on Environmental Security

IES Chair lectures at Clingendael Course
7 September 2004

Business Investment in Development

IES Chairman attends 5th International Sustainability Forum
27 August 2004

Financial Mechanisms

Meeting on Payment for Ecosystem Services
21 July 2004

Brent Blackwelder at IES

IES hosts meeting with President of Friends of the Earth U.S.
19 July 2004

SarVision on Dutch TV

Programme highlights remote sensing in arrest of illegal loggers
24 June 2004

The Hague Conference on Environment, Security and Sustainable Development

The Peace Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands
12 May 2004


Wouter Veening receives the Order of the Golden Ark

Soestdijk Palace, The Netherlands
2 May 2003

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