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Brent Blackwelder at IES

IES hosts meeting with President of Friends of the Earth U.S.

16 Jul 2004

Brent Blackwelder

IES organised a meeting with Brent Blackwelder, President of Friends of the Earth U.S. on 16 July which was attended by several Dutch officials, press and NGOs representatives in The Hague.

Brent is a long-time environmentalist and lobbyist on American and international environmental affairs, such as the environmental impact of World Bank and IMF policies, the production and trade in GMOs and US energy and agricultural policies. For many years he was also President of the League of Conservation Voters, a factor to be reckoned with in American elections, and he knows "The Hill" in Washington DC as few others.

At the meeting he commented on actual US environmental policies and the role of the environment in the upcoming presidential elections. He said that Kerry would win by a landslide due to, amongst others, the great dissatisfaction also with Republican voters with the environmental policies of the Bush administration. Recommended reading on this is the book by Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope "Strategic Ignorance. Why the Bush Administration is Recklessly Destroying a Century of Environmental Progress".

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