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GPC PROJECT: Global Policy Coherence 2009


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Trade and Climate

NYT Opinion

Trade and Climate - Image An opinion published in the New York Times on 18 July 2009 highlights the interwovenness of climate and trade policies and insists on the necessity to consider both issues if we are to be successful in either one of them. The House of Representatives proved the point last month when it... » Full Story

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GPC Expert Group Articles & Publications

The following list includes a selection of publications produced by the GPC Expert Group including examples of disconnections in the international governing system and ideas to improve coherence in line with the climate challenge.

  • Policy Incoherence in Capitals: Flawed Messages from the International Community
    Harris Gleckman & Ewout Doorman - 3 September 2009 » Read the article
  • Five Practical Suggestions to Break the Policy Isolation in IMF's Governance
    Harris Gleckman - August 2009 » Download the pdf
  • An Institutional Architecture for Climate Change. A concept paper
    Alex Evans and David Steven - March 2009 » Download the pdf
  • Global Governance and Policy Coherence: Before and After the G20 Summit
    Harris Gleckman - April 2009 » Download the pdf - (Annex)
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