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GPC PROJECT: Global Policy Coherence 2009


Global Policy Coherence Expert Group

To achieve this ambitious project, the Institute for Environmental Security has created a international Expert Group of individuals who enjoy working with the complexities and contradictions of governmental environmental, trade, and financial policies. The expectation is that members of this group will recommend articles for inclusion in the Information Package, contribute via on-line and face-to-face meetings toward the articulation of a strategy for enhanced global climate policy coherence and meet with government officials to assist them in reducing the level of global policy incoherence that affects the negotiation and implementation of the post-2012 climate agreement.

The List of Experts is buiding up, new names will be added in the course of the project.

List of Experts

  • William Becker - Executive Director, Presidential Climate Action Project
  • Byron Blake - Advisor, Office of President of General Assembly, United Nations
  • Serge Bronkhorst - Lawyer, Bronkhorst International Law Services
  • Aldo Caliari - Director, Rethinking Bretton Woods Project, Center of Concern
  • Aaron Cosbey - Associate and Senior Climate Change and Trade Advisor, IISD
  • Robert Dixon - Team Leader, Climate Change and Chemicals Team, GEF
  • Elizabeth Dowdeswell - Former Executive Director, UNEP
  • Charles Ebinger - Senior Fellow and Director Energy Security Initiative, Brookings
  • Marius Enthoven - Chairman, Alliance for UPEACE
  • Alex Evans - Non-Resident Fellow, CIC, New York University
  • Harris Gleckman - Principal, BEC / NY Representative, IES
  • Jo Marie Griesgraber - Executive Director, New Rules for Global Finance Coalition
  • Khalil Hamdani - Senior Business Advisor, The South Centre
  • Melinda Kimble - Senior Vice President, International Bioenergy Initiative, UNF
  • Lelei Lelaulu - President, Island Nations Climate and Oceans Program
  • David Monsma - Executive Director, The Aspen Institute
  • William Moomaw - Director, Program on Natural Resource Management, Tufts Uni.
  • J.B. Hans Opschoor - Professor, Institute of Social Studies
  • Derek Osborn - Former Director, Sustainable Development Observatory, EESC
  • Gary Sampson - Professor, University of Melbourne
  • Benjamin Simmons - Legal Advisor, UNEP
  • Bernard Snoy - Professor, Catholic University of Louvain
  • Tom Spencer - Vice-Chairman, Institute for Environmental Security
  • David Steven - Managing Director, Riverpath Associates
  • Devin Stewart - The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
  • Matthew Stilwell - European Director, IGSD
  • Irfan Ul Haque - Independent Consultant
  • Raymond Van Ermen - European Partners for the Environment
  • Wouter Veening - Chairman / President, Institute for Environmental Security
  • Jacob Werksman - Program Director, Institutions and Governance Program, WRI
  • Durwood Zaelke - President, IGSD
  • Organisation names are shown for information only. Members of the Expert Group participate in their individual capacities and not necessarity as representatives of their organisations.

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