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Environmental Security for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA)

Map outlining globally significant flash-point areas Mataven area in the Colombian Guiana Shield Region Congo Basin - Democratic Republic of Congo Central Albertine Rift, African Great Lakes region Horn of Africa Mekong River Basin Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
ESPA key

EnviroSecurity Assessments developed by the IES and partners, are meant to provide decision makers in government, the private sector and NGOs with an array of practical decision tools, strategic maps and initial policy recommendations for globally significant flash-point areas.

Initial assessments should lead to the development, finance and implementation of multi-year EnviroSecurity Action Plans that seek to enhance global environmental, economic and human security.

In each case we aim to identify the interdependency between conservation of eco-system services and poverty alleviation.

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EnviroSecurity Assessments

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Posters of each case study are available to download in PDF format, click on the links below.

» Kalimantan, Indonesia (PDF - 4.2MB)
» Great Lakes, Africa (PDF - 2.6MB)
» Matavén, Colombia (PDF - 3.2MB)
» Congo Basin, Africa (PDF - 2.4MB)
» Horn of Africa (PDF - 2.8MB)
» Mekong River Basin (PDF - 3.1MB)

'Vision' Interactive Map Viewer

picture of the Vision Interactive Map Viewer Use the Interactive Map Viewer to select and view various analytical indicators for different time periods in the study areas. More »

Vision Map Viewers Kalimantan, Indonesia Great Lakes region of Africa Matavén, Colombia Congo Basin
Horn of Africa
Mekong River Basin

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