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CCTM PROJECT: Project Organisation


Project Organisation

Project Advisory Group (PAG)

  • Stephen Andersen
    Former EPA Climate Liaison to the US Department of Defense
  • Tony Baldry
    Member of Parliament, UK Parliament - Banbury
  • Kent Butts
    Professor of Political-Military Strategy, Center for Strategic Leadership, U.S. Army War College
  • Tom Deligiannis
    Ph.D. candidate, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto / Adjunct Professor, University for Peace / IES Representative, Toronto
  • Peter Haldén
    Researcher in History, Center for Nordic Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Ruth Greenspan Bell
    Director, U.S. Climate Policy (Acting) / Senior Fellow, World Resource Institute
  • Jeff McNeely
    Senior Science Advisor, IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • Michael Renner
    Senior Researcher / Director, Global Security Project, Worldwatch Institute / Member, IES Advisory Council
  • Bernard Snoy
    Visiting Professor, Institute of European Studies, Catholic University of Louvain / Senior Advisor, IES / Formerly Coordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities
  • Lars Wirkus
    Senior Researcher, Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) / Research Associate, United Nations University, Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS)

Governmental and Parliamentary Contact Group (GPCG)

  • EU - Secretariat, Council of the European Union
    Ikaros Moushouttas, Horizontal Security Issues, Policy Planning and Early Warning Unit (PPEWU), Council of the European Union
  • EU - European Commission
    Alessandro Villa, Project Manager / Crisis Response Planner, Unit A2: Crisis Response and Peacebuilding, DG RELEX, European Commission
  • FOI - Swedish Defence Research Agency
    Christina Edlund, Senior Analyst
  • NATO
    Dr. Susanne Michaelis, Manager, Science Communication, Science for Peace and Security (SPS), Public Diplomacy Division (PDD), NATO Headquarters
  • OSCE
    Marc Baltes, Senior Advisor, Economic and Environmental Activities, OSCE Secretariat
  • UNEP
    Rajendra Shende, Head, OzonAction, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, UNEP, Paris
    Marika Palosaari, Coordinator, Environment and Security Initiative, UNEP Regional Office for Europe
    Sirpa Pietikainen MEP, President, GLOBE EU
  • GLOBE Europe
    Steen Gade MP, President, GLOBE Europe
  • GLOBE International (tbc)
  • UK - Foreign and Commonwealth Office
    Frances Wood, Head of Climate Security, Climate Change and Energy Group (CCEG)
  • US - Department of Energy / Global EESE
    Chad M. Briggs, Senior Advisor, International Security Affairs / Vice Chair, Institute for Environmental Security - North America
  • US Mission to the European Union
    Louis Bono, Counselor for Energy, Environment, Science and Technology

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