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PRESS RELEASE - 13 October 2009

Military Advisory Council meets in Brussels to adopt its First Statement on Climate Change and International Security

BRUSSELS, 13 October 2009 - The IES conference on Climate Change and Security at Copenhagen - II which took place at the European Parliament in Brussels on 7 and 8 October was followed by a series of events organised for the Chairman and members of the Military Advisory Council.

On 9 Oct the MAC team comprising Air Marshal (ret) A.K. Singh of India, Maj Gen (ret) Muniruzzaman of Bangladesh, Maj Gen (ret) Joseph Singh of Guyana and Brig Gen (retd.) Wendell C. King of the USA visited the Secretariat of the Council of the European Union in Brussels where they had a private meeting with the EU military staff, Deputy Director General, Rear Admiral Fernando Lista and Commander Gavin Short, Situation Centre representatives, the Director, William Shapcot and Fredrik Ekfeldt, Steven Everts, HR Javier Solana's Personal Representative, Richard Crowder of the Energy Security Policy Unit and Ikaros Moushouttas of the Policy Planning and Early Warning Unit.

Soon after this they came together in Genval for an interactive two-day workshop where they shared their ideas, views and concerns about region-specific climate change issues. While Maj Gen Muniruzzaman threw light on the problems relating to water security in Asia, Maj Gen Joseph Singh emphasised the environmental crisis such as deforestation in the Amazon jungles faced by South America. Similarly, climate-change related security threats affecting every region were examined with much fervour. More importantly, it was here that they saw eye to eye on the role of the armed forces in the struggle against Climate Change.

A visit to the United Nations University and a meeting with Communication and Media Manager Eric Hall from the UNFCCC Secretariat at Bonn marked the end of the week following the CCSC - II conference.

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