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What is the Pathfinder Programme?

The Pathfinder Programme is a multi-disciplinary programme built on four distinct but complementary pillars with the aim of restricting the import of illegally extracted resources from zones of conflicts. The key approach of this programme is to promote the strengthening of legal mechanisms that importing and transit states could use to block illicitly obtained natural resources from entering their national markets. » More information

The Programme is being organised within the IES programme on Environmental Security for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA). It is coordinated by Geraud de Ville of the IES in association with Harris Gleckman, former Chief of the New York Office of UNCTAD and Serge Bronkhorst of Bronkhorst International Law Services in Rotterdam.

Four Pillars

The Pathfinder Programme is articulated around four pillars


Preliminary Research: Focus on the DRC

» Provincial actions to control and reduce illegal trade of natural resources in the Province of Equateur, DRC - December 2009 (Download pdf)

» The U.S. Lacey Act: An import ban on illegal timber. A model for other countries? A model for banning other illegally extracted natural resources? - December 2009 (Download pdf)

» What business practices are used to get a conflict-zone natural resource into the international market at the best possible price? The case of the DRC - December 2009 (Download pdf)

» An outline of trade flows of legally and illegally extracted natural resources from fragile states: The case of coltan in the Kivus, DRC - December 2009 (Download pdf)

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