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While records in all four modules include useful internet links, this module includes information on especially useful websites and portals relevant to action on environment and security. The records are classified by themes and subjects.


Web-Resources are classified by subject. The graph below shows the number of Web-Resources in the database for the top six subjects.




Featured Web-Resources

Resource Conflict Monitor: The Links between Governance, Conflict and Natural Resources

The Resource Conflict Monitor (RCM) monitors how resource-rich countries manage, administer and govern their natural resources and illustrates the impact of the quality of resource governance on the onset, intensity and duration of violent conflict....


Inventory of Conflict & Environment (ICE)

The Inventory of Conflict & Environment (ICE) hosted at the American University intends to provide a common basis and method for looking at issues of conflict and environment. The nearly 200 ICE case studies are based on 16 categories of...

Planet2025 News Network (PNN)

Planet2025 News Network (PNN) is a recently established internet news service with a mission to become a leading provider of reliable and actionable information, ideas, concepts, risks analysis and opportunities that relate current economic, social...


Random Web-Resource

Global warming links

Contains a selection of useful external global warming web links

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