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Global Warming dot org is a project of the National Security Journalism Initiative. The stories, website and multimedia presentations in this project were reported, written and produced by 10 Medill graduate students chosen as McCormick Foundation scholars, which enabled them to spend three months in Washington and to travel domestically and internationally.

They interviewed more than 200 current and former national security officials and experts, most of them on the record, and reviewed scores of official documents and reports.

During the reporting phase, the students used social media to create a community of those interested in the intersection of national security and climate change, informing them of their reporting through Tweets and blog posts as well as an e-newsletter.

In addition to traditional print and online pieces, the project allows audiences to explore the impact of climate change through creative interactive graphics that:

? demonstrate the impact of rising seas on domestic military installations;

? visualize the cascade of consequences that could turn climate changes into national security threats and crises;

? cast users as decision makers in a war game that plays out the consequences of climate change in four regional scenarios;

? convey the interrelated history of scientific findings, extreme weather events and political and defense policy as they relate to a changing climate through an interactive timeline;

? let users hear from the experts themselves and engage in the conversation; and

? provide an online library of dozens of government, academic and think tank documents related to climate change and national security.

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