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UNEP Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch

The Post-Conflict & Disaster Management Branch (PCDMB) extends UNEP's work in areas of the world where the environment is impacted by conflicts and disasters, or where the environment is a factor contributing to conflicts and disaster impacts.

PCDMB has worked in post-conflict settings such as Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq and Lebanon, as well as in countries affected by major disasters such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Because conflicts and disasters are so closely intertwined with the environment, proper environmental management and governance are essential for long-term peace, stability and security in any conflict- or disaster-prone country.

PCDMB conducts environmental assessments in crisis-affected countries and strengthens national environmental management capacity through institution building, promoting regional cooperation, technical legal assistance, environmental information management and integrating environmental concerns and risk reduction measures in reconstruction programmes.

PCDMB is based in Geneva, Switzerland, with field offices in Kabul and Khartoum.

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Contact Information

Mr David Jensen
Policy and Planning Coordinator
Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch
11-13 Chemin des Anemones
Ch?telaine, Geneva
Tel : +41 22 917 8167
Fax : +41 22 917 8064


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