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'Vision' Interactive Map Viewer

?Vision? is an internet-interface using OpenGIS Consortium (OGC) technology for viewing remotely sensed and GIS data online, produced by the Institute for Environmental Security and MARIS.

Based on spatial data originally compiled and processed by SarVision, the new map viewer is available to interactively display overlapping GIS data on the IES case studies in Africa, Colombia, DRC, Horn of Africa*, Indonesia and Vietnam;* No special GIS expertise, software or high speed internet connection is needed in order to use 'Vision'.
(* Forthcoming).

The interface includes a user manual to help you make the most of your visits to the webGIS site. It also includes 2 legend modes: 'Normal' for beginners and 'Advanced' for users who want to explore the data in even more detail.

You can use 'Vision' to view GIS data and satellite images selecting your own combination of data and analytical indicators for different time periods with respect to the IES EnviroSecurity Assessment Case Studies
An internet WebGIS component is a very powerful tool, enabling decision makers, natural resource managers, researchers, students and the public around the globe to access and analyze mapping and monitoring information, thus increasing transparency and fostering accountability.

The IES would like to encourage and offer 'Vision' as a platform for producers of data on these study sites to share material in order to promote environmental security and poverty alleviation worldwide.

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