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Global Warming Collection

King's College, Cambridge has a growing collection of books on climate change and global warming in its Library. Started in 2007, and now encompassing over 700 books, the collection is wide-ranging in subject matter and global in scope, ranging from discussions of The Kyoto Protocol to sceptical views on global warming. The books include studies on greenhouse gases, carbon trading and carbon sequestration, the ozone layer, fossil fuels, renewable energy, nuclear energy, energy storage and distribution, and the hydrogen economy. They cover the impact of global warming on the natural world, ice and glaciers, deserts, rivers, coasts, storms and floods, wildlife and biodiversity, droughts and heat waves. They include how individuals and communities can adapt to survive, such as adaptations to homes, recycling, transport, and changes to food production. There is also a fascinating section of case studies from around the world under development.

The collection is developing rapidly into a valuable resource for the whole University. In comparison to any other general library where relevant books are scattered, all the global warming books at King's Library are in the same place, within easy reach, and arranged by subject, thus making the collection very practical and convenient. King's hopes that readers will be inspired, invigorated and empowered, rather than daunted, by the magnitude and complexity of the phenomena to be understood or the problems to be solved.

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