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Trading Conflict for Development

The report 'Trading Conflict for Development' challenges current calls for a ban or disruption of trade in cassiterite, coltan and wolframite from Eastern DRCongo. The report urges policymakers, the private sector and other stakeholders to commit to reforming the existing trade in minerals from DR Congo rather than banning, or disrupting it.
The report suggests that military gain from the trade in Eastern DRCongo's minerals, which generated at least 4m US$ to the Congolese state in tax revenue in 2008, is not the primary cause of insecurity and violence in North Kivu. Though the report acknowledges deep-seated problems with the trade, it goes further and suggests that, in contrast, to current policy approaches, security and trade issues should be addressed separately since trade-based solutions to security issues, such as sanctions, are likely to have little effect on the perpetuation of the conflict.

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Author(s)Nicholas Garett, Harrison Mitchell
Place published
Date / Journal Vol No.April 2009

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