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The new global security landscape: 10 Recommendations from the 2010 Security Jam

The online Security Jam?s goal has been to bring together actors across the entire spectrum of the international community to brainstorm on the changing nature of the 21st century security landscape. The overarching question was ?how can international actors and institutions respond to new security challenges??

Held over five days (4-9 Feb 2010), the Security Jam proved itself a catalyst for creative thinking by experts, NGOs, national government decision makers and international institutions, industry representatives, soldiers, journalists, scholars and opinion leaders. Ten forums took stock of different security challenges and produced dozens of innovative ideas for improving security policies.

The main theme discussed by the 3,815 participants from 124 countries during the online Jam was how can the EU and NATO work together to protect our security interests in today?s rapidly changing world order? With the EU getting to grips with the changes wrought by the Lisbon Treaty and NATO on the verge of launching its new Strategic Concept it was unsurprising that EU and NATO collaboration was by far and away the most discussed theme in the Jam. Almost 10 per cent of all posts across forums centred on this key issue.

This report presents a shortlist of the 10 most pertinent recommendations with a brief snapshot of the relevance of the Security Jam as a communication tool. The report
then provides a more detailed look at each of these recommendations in the context of their development in the Security Jam.

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Author(s)Jonathan Holslag and David Henry Doyle
PublisherGeert Cami
Place publishedBrussels
Date / Journal Vol No.6 May 2010


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