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Planet2025 Communities

Convert carbon into things people need

The initiative is dedicated to creating sustainable livelihood while reducing humanity's Ecological Footprint. Its goals and objectives will be realized by working with and linking local communities, financiers, organizations and people around the world to catalyze large scale reforestation projects.

Reforestation projects remove and sequester CO2 from the atmosphere; they do not only help people plant trees and forests, they also bring participating communities important economic and social benefits. The world's most degraded lands can often be saved by converting carbon into things people need such as food, forage, bio-fuels, clothing, shelter, medicines, and organic fertilizer.

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Contact Information

Mr Steven Lovink
Founder and CEO
1403 30th Street NW
Tel : +1 202 333 8878
Fax : +1 202 333 8879


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