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Indo-Bangladesh Summit: A Security Agenda for Bangladesh

Since the assumption of the office by the current Awami League led Grand Alliance government, the upcoming visit of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh to India is one of the most high profile bilateral visits. Due to reasons of security and geography, the relationship with India is critically important for Bangladesh. The forthcoming visit, though in a setting of conflicting interests, is a significant one in this changing milieu of emerging perspectives in Bangladesh-India relations. Both countries look forward to bringing about a positive change and settling the unresolved issues through building trust and confidence when a number of agreements and memoranda of understandings are likely to be signed. Security is likely to be the most prominent item on India?s agenda for this meeting. However, the security concerns of Bangladesh are required to be adequately highlighted. While it is important to understand and appreciate India?s security concerns, similar concerns by Bangladesh also need to be discussed and analysed. In this regard, an assessment of some of vital issues that both countries essentially share has been made in this paper to draw a brief sketch of the concerns having greater security implication for Bangladesh.

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Author(s)BIPSS Research Team
PublisherBangladesh Institute for Peace and Security Studies
Place publishedDakka
Date / Journal Vol No.5 January 2010

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